What are the Payment options?

PayPal & Credit Card are currently the only accepted methods of payment. If you have a specific request please contact us directly.

I will be reframing my painting. Can you ship it without the frame for a reduced cost?

If you are planning on re-framing or putting in new glass, let us know before you purchase. Often it can be mailed without the glass/frame at a substantially reduced rate.

Can I return my item?

Returns are accepted if we ere in description only. If you wish to return an item the item must be sent air mail with tracking, insurance and signature confirmation (regardless of item cost). The buyer pays return postage. All returned items are unboxed in front of the USPS clerk to verify contents and condition. If the item is received by us in condition sent, only then will a full refund be given (minus all postage costs). Each item is marked with a unique identification sticker. Returns are not accepted if the sticker has been tampered with or removed. A photo of every item is taken with the unique identification label in front of a current newspaper to document the process before shipment.

Do you offer refunds? How about partial refunds?

No. We offer refunds only if the item is returned. We do not offer partial refunds.  Returns are offered per the return policy. We follow the law of the United States of America – refunds are only accepted for items that are returned in full. All returned items are unboxed in front of the USPS clerk to verify contents and condition. (See the Returns section above for more details.) We keep a lawyer on retainer and do not tolerate shenanigans. We are honest in our dealings and expect eBay and our buyers to be as well. For further information on refunds see the returns section above.

What shipping methods to you use?

All items are shipped using the safest and most cost effective method available to your destination,  typically this means the United States Postal Service or Canada Post. Tracking, Insurance ($2.40/$100) and signature confirmation ($2.90) are mandatory to help maintain safety during travel. If your object requires special handling custom services may be used (custom crates, personal delivery or specialty art couriers).

How do you calculate shipping cost?

All shipping is determined by buyer location and the price set by the postal carrier. A flat rate is set for each country that includes actual postage, signature confirmation, tracking and insurance. If you live in a Country not listed let us know and a rate will be calculated specifically for your location. Occasionally there is a small handling fee to cover cost of materials or any extra costs (see specialty shipping, fragile or awkward forms).

Can I make a special shipping request?

Of course! Get in touch and we will work out a solution to fit your needs.

What if my Country has Duty or Brokerage fees?


If your item must cross an International border you are responsible for any customs, duty or brokerage fees. We have no power over any of these, sorry. This fee is determined by law in your area and is not related to our sales or shipping methods. Please check with your Countries policy to find out what, if any, may apply.


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